The Lake Dunstan Cycling Trail,  alongside the mighty Clutha Mata-au River, showcases the best of Central Otago’s natural beauty. The trail also passes through  some fascinating heritage sites, some which lie beneath the lake, or above the trail, out of sight. These sites are often missed by cyclists and walkers along the trail.

We’re delighted to have three presenters at this Heritage Talks event – each bringing a unique perspective on the trail and its historical significance.

This heritage talk will take place at both ends of the lake Dunstan Trail.  Take your pick!

CLYDE: 6:30pm, Wednesday 13 March, Clyde Museum (Blyth St)
BANNOCKBURN: 6:30pm, Tuesday 19 March, Bannockburn Hall 

Entry by koha, with proceeds going to Clyde and Cromwell Museums

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The presenters:

Janeen Wood
Southern Lakes Trail Trust (formerly known as the Central Otago Queenstown Trail Network Trust)

The Southern Lakes Trails Trust was the key mover and shaker for getting the Lake Dunstan trail established  – from securing funding for the project and managing the construction of the trail between Cromwell and Clyde.

Matt Sole
Kopuwai Consulting

Matt undertook the archaeological survey assessment of the Lake Dunstan Trail (Clyde – Cromwell) for the Southern Lakes Trails Trust .

Terry Davis
Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust (OGHT)

The OGHT was requested by the Central Lakes Trust and Heritage New Zealand to manage a ‘Heritage Sites Review’ for Central Otago and the Southern Lakes areas.  Terry Davis led the site review team in exploring heritage sites along the trail.