Part 1: Mary’s early life and career path
Part 2: Life on Cardrona Station and development of Cardrona ski-field, Snow Farm, the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, and Snow Park.

Mary Lee has led a varied and fascinating life. In this interview Mary describes her early life and career path as a physiotherapist. She then goes on to recall her first impressions of station life with husband John Lee. In 1969 Mary and John purchased Knuckle Peak Station which would later become Cardrona ski field. She describes the development of the ski field and access road, with Mary acting as first aider and running the ski shop among other duties. Mary also recounts the development of the Snow Farm and cross-country ski trails, the Proving Grounds facility, and the popular Snow Park. She reflects on the challenges they faced during the years and the impact of more recent events such as Covid 19.

Interviewer: Liz Holland
Interview Dates:
November 2020

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