Three months to sway CODC over museum move


The News  11 June 2021 Central Otago Heritage Trust chairman David Ritchie has successfully convinced the Central Otago District Council to delay bringing museum management in-house. The district’s museum sector now has three months to convince the council it can work together on a management model to co-ordinate museum activities and collections in the Cromwell, Vincent, Teviot and Maniototo wards. When developing the 2021-31 long-term plan last year, the council suggested it create a new heritage role and manage all museums in-house. The role would be funded by $49,000 in previously allocated council grant funds and part rate-funded at $35,000. At [...]

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Experiencing Central Otago Heritage on the Road


On November 26, the Central Otago Touring Route was launched. Four years in the making, this 341km journey will take you from Dunedin to Queenstown through the Maniototo and Ida Valley. This driving tour is EV friendly, and traverses amazing terrain, through multiple significant heritage spots. Three to five days are recommended to really soak up this experience. Rich with history, this route takes you through some of the journeys that were once made by Māori, and later by Pākehā. It follows part of the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail and is connected to nine Tohu Whenua sites, including: Olveston, Dunedin Railway [...]

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CODC to manage heritage


The News, 26 November 2020 The Central Otago District Council is looking to take a greater role in the district’s museums and heritage sectors and that includes Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery. Last week councillors approved a proposal for a new in-house heritage function, including managing the district museums, to be included in the 2021-31 long-term plan process — funded by $49,000 in previously allocated council grant funds and part rate-funded at $35,000. Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said it was important to note the council was putting it to the community for inclusion in the long-term process. ‘‘What we [...]

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Council passes new cemeteries bylaw


Otago Daily Times 20 November 2020 The Central Otago District Council has adopted its new cemeteries bylaw, with a few tweaks. A council meeting this week approved the Cemeteries Bylaw 2020, and Cemeteries Handbook 2020 to address and regulate the management of cemeteries in the Central Otago district. The bylaw replaces the expired Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw 2008. The bylaw presented yesterday had been amended to clarify that it does not apply to trust-managed cemeteries. The proposed bylaw does apply to cemeteries and burial grounds not owned by the council but controlled and managed by council. This future-proofed the bylaw, by [...]

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