Funding for earthquake prone buildings

Unfortunately, there is limited funding available for engineering assessments and seismic strengthening. The national Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme, or Heritage EQUIP was suspended two years ago. However, there are a few other funding avenues to explore. Take a look at the list below.

If you’d like help with funding applications for an engineering assessment or earthquake strengthening, or would like a letter of support to attach to your application or for a deadline extension, please get in touch:

Kilwinning Lodge Built in 1900 by William Gair, a well known stonemason in Cromwell. This Category 2 unreinforced masonry building is required to have an earthquake assessment under the new rules.

Potential Funders

Heritage New Zealand National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund

This fund provides financial incentives to encourage the conservation of privately owned heritage places recognized on the New Zealand Heritage List. This funding is not available to the public sector, community groups and agencies eligible for funding from the Lottery Grants Board. Applications for the 2023 round open on 1 April and close at the end of June. Apply here.

Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund

Community organisations can apply to this fund for projects which ‘promote, protect and conserve New Zealand’s natural, physical and cultural heritage’. Such projects can include historical publications, museums, whare taonga and art galleries as well as the conservation of historic buildings. Funding is available for small projects up to $250,000 and large projects of $250,000 plus. The Committee meets twice a year in June and November to consider applications, which must be received three months prior to a meeting. Apply here

Lottery Community Facilities Grant

Community organsiations can also apply to this fund for projects to improve a community facility and can included seismic assessments. However this fund is for projects where the total project is over $50,000 and is therefore a potential avenue for earthquake strengthening. Apply here.

Regional Culture and Heritage Fund

Administered by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this is a contestable fund of last resort. Its purpose is to assist communities to meet genuine fundraising shortfalls for a range of capital projects at public: performing arts venues; museums; galleries; iwi museums/whare taonga; and/or heritage buildings housing significant collections. Projects can include seismic strengthening and works to improve health, safety, and security while also improving accessibility. Apply here.

Central Lakes Trust

CLT does not provide funding for engineering assessments, but may consider applications for seismic strengthening.  Get in touch with CLT prior to making an application.   Phone 03 445 9958

Residential Earthquake Prone Building Financial Assistance Scheme

This scheme was established in 2019 to help owner-occupiers facing financial hardship with earthquake strengthening costs. Delivered and managed by Kainga Ora, the scheme offers loans with below market interest rates. Apply here

Perpetual Guardian – The Stout Trust

The stout Trust has grants available to organisations  for advancing and supporting the preservation of historic sites or amenities ($1,500 – 100K). Apply here

Pub Charity

Available to non-for profit -organisations located in Cromwell and Alexandra (where gaming machines are located). While the criteria for Pub Charity Grant does not explicitly confirm availability for an engineering assessment or seismic strengthening, National Office indicated they would consider applications of this nature. Apply here.