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The Vallance Cottage Working Group is passionate about bringing the stories of the nineteenth century cottage to life, with many projects underway to create an interactive experience.

To celebrate the launch of the Vallance Cottage website, a short film featuring descendent Nicola Toki will be screened at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery at 3pm on Tuesday 18th July 2023.

All welcome

Vallance cottage was built in 1896-97 by early settler William Vallance, a shepherd-goldminer from Scotland. Built from hand-made, sun-dried mudbrick, Jean Hyland and William Vallance raised their eight children in the cottage which still stands proudly in the extreme climate of Central Otago.

In the mid-1990s. the property was gifted to the community and underwent a massive restoration thanks to community efforts, including the Vallance Cottage Working Group, made up of Vallance family descendants, community members and Council staff.

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