This special interview was gifted to the Central Otago Oral History Project from the Hanrahan family. In this recording, John (known as Jack) Stewart Hanrahan recounts his memories of capture during World War 2 to his granddaughter, Lauryn Robertson who recorded the interview for a High School research project in around 1990. A local lad from Maniototo, Jack describes his impressions of life in the Groppenstein and Wolfsberg camps with other captive Australian, New Zealand and English soldiers, being moved to various locations and required to carry out manual labour during the day. He describes how they managed to glean snatches of information during the years of imprisonment, and mentions that they never gave up believing the war would be won.
Additional research material on Jack Hanrahan’s World War 2 memories is available on request.

Interviewer: Lauryn Robertson (Granddaughter)
Interview Date:
circa 1990

The abstract will help you identify what is being said during the interview.

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