The News, April 3 2019
A word from Central Otago heritage co-ordinator Alice Spiers

The recent establishment of an Oral History Working Group in Central Otago brings a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm to the task of recording for posterity the stories, experiences and perspectives of people growing up and working in Central Otago.

Oral history is a method of capturing and reflecting personal memories, feelings and recollections of how particular events and everyday life and traditions have affected individuals’ lives.

Central Otago Heritage Trust co-ordinator Alice Spiers. PHOTO: PAM JONES
For future generations who are curious about “how things were” and “why things have come to be the way they are now”, oral histories are a rich resource that can provide information and insights into the history and heritage of a place.

Alice Spiers

Central Otago Heritage Trust co-ordinator Alice Spiers. PHOTO: PAM JONES

Over time, it is hoped the group will develop a comprehensive collection of oral histories that will become a valuable record of Central Otago.

The group is made up of representatives from Central Otago’s heritage organisations and will take responsibility for training a team of volunteers to undertake the tasks of researching subjects, conducting interviews and managing the digital processes required to catalogue and store the interviews.

The Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery have kindly offered to be the base or “hub” for the group.

The Central Otago Oral History Working Group is keen to hear from the community, both from those who are interested in being involved in this fascinating aspect of preserving Central Otago’s rich history, or if you or someone you know has an interesting tale to share.

There are a range of opportunities available, so please do not hesitate to contact Central Otago Heritage co-ordinator Alice Spiers for information.

Email: [email protected]